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New Web site and IBE for SKY Airline is now launched

SKY Airline, based in Santiago de Chile, has selected ezy and Radixx as partners for their PSS and IBE solution. The new web site and IBE was launched in February and has been a great success. The web site and IBE, both based on ezyFlight, offers a wide range of features using a modern UI […]

EZY and Radixx are merging

For over six years, EZY has worked closely together with Radixx International, Inc., an industry-leading provider of airline reservation systems, based in Orlando, Florida. The EZY and Radixx partnership has shown to be a true success. We are excited to announce that EZY and Radixx are merging. Radixx and EZY formally joining together will benefit […]

US Airline signs with ezy

How would you like to have a private jet experience for a fraction of the usual price? That is exactly what Jet Suite X is offering. Ezy has been working with Jet Suite for the their online booking engine and Native Mobile App that was launched during spring 2016.

New IBE and PSS integration for OneJet

OneJet is an US airline specializing in scheduled point-to-point flights operated by small business jets. OneJet has chosen ezy and the ezyFlight IBE platform for their new IBE connecting to the Bravo/Avantik PSS. The new IBE will be launched during Q4 2015.

New client in Kazakhstan

We are proud to announce our latest airline client: Qazaq Air from Kazakhstan. The delivery is based on ezyFlight and includes the company web site and online booking engine. Web site: www.flyqazaq.com.